Higher Quality. Lower Cost.

Eclipse is the revolutionary tower & catwalk solution for grain handling and equipment support that’s specifically engineered for farm and other light-duty applications.

Built to handle the harshest environments and most rigorous operating schedules, Eclipse towers use a roll-formed “C” channel design constructed from 12-gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel.  The result is a comprehensive system that offers more strength, safety and stability than simple angle-iron products at comparable – or in many cases — a lower cost to you.

Plus Eclipse’s modular design means fast and easy assembly that reduces erection time and costs, and are available in a wide range of tower section sizes, conveyor support configurations and accessory components that allow you to custom design an Eclipse system that’s perfect for your needs.

When you add up the features and benefits Eclipse provides, the choice becomes clear.  Quality materials…superior engineering…modular construction for greater versatility and faster rection…”Rock Solid” stability of enhanced safety and easy access…all for the same or lower costs than other products on the market?

It’s a Slam Dunk!

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