Building Specifications and Features

Title: Garage Style Steel Building
Model: Plainsman
Width: 30 feet Length: 45 feet Eave Height: 10 feet Roof Slope: 3:12
Building Code: IBC 12 Snow Load: 16.8 Wind Load: 105 mph Exposure: C
Framed Openings: 1 – 16′ x 9′ Factory Located and Fully Flashed
Bracing: Cable Diagonal
Wall Panels: 26-gauge Sil-Poly steel in choice of color with 30-year paint warranty
Overhang: 1-Foot Overhang
Roof Panels: Acrylic coated 26-gauge Sil Poly with 20-year warranty protection
Color Trim: Fully flashed in choice of color
Access Door: 1 – 3′ x 7′ Solid Door (Pre-Hung)
Windows: None
Cupola: 1- 3′ x 3′ with weather vane
Gutters & Downspouts: 90 Feet
Erection Hardware: Included

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Package price computed based on agricultural use criteria and does not include tax, freight, framed opening doors, foundation or erection costs.  Due to periodic changes in material costs, Sentinel Building Systems reserves the right to alter building package price without notice.  Codes and exposure shown are for a particular location, and local requirements may affect final package price.